Contiline 200

The Contiline 200 model bottle Scrambler is placed at the beginning of the line to align the bottles and feed the bottles to the filling machine. This machine is used for lines that have a high production speed with an approximate speed up to 200  B/M ( bottles per Minutes ) . The Machine  consists of three parts, the bottle storage tank, the hopper and the main body of the bottle sorter. The device has a chassis and body equipped with a cover, which provides access to all parts of the device through flex doors. Thanks to a very simple operation  and a very beautiful appearance of Machine, the machine has been able to Install  successfully in all high-speedpackaging  lines . The most important advantages of this machine are  not depending on the shape of the bottle and The possibility of working with all kinds of containers without replacement parts that are used to enter the production line from a manually adjustable height conveyor, not using the central compressed air of the factory, the possibility of being placed in all lines that have space limitations.

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