Contiline 200H

Contiline 200H model bottle Unscrambler  with a new design.  This new Machine  is suitable for light containers such as Mineral water bottles that are produced with a weight of 10 or 9 grams. In this machine, two new possibilities are included that make the machine very effective and efficient. 1) The mechanism of the bottle sorter at the outlet of the hopper has been significantly changed in terms of the installation location and also the performance structure, and according to the experience of setting up and operating our machines for many years on the production lines, it has changed. With this change, in addition to not hitting the bottle during exit and ease of sorting, momentary emptying of the channel is prevented and the speed of the device increases significantly. 2) During the verticalization of the bottles, a very accurate and unique combination mechanical and electronic mechanism is installed, so that the light bottles become vertical without touching the bottom of the bottle with the  stand-up  step  and enter the air conveyor. With these two changes, a wide range of light and thin bottles in terms of wall and bottom can be easily lined up by this machine.
High speed

The ability to stack up to 16,000 bottles per hour

High speed unscrambler

high speed working and easy to use has the benefits of our bottle unscrambler

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