180 degree

Our  SERVO AROKET  200  Inline 180 degree bottle orientor quickly, simply and inexpensively orients plastic bottles into a common direction. The SERVO AROKET  200  Inline bottle orientor is a servo driven system designed to turn plastic non-round bottles into a common direction. Bottles are accepted from a single lane source and, based upon a Vision sensor’s output allowed to pass if they are properly oriented, or spun 180 degrees if they are not properly oriented. These orienters are available as stand-alone systems or fully integrated with our line of plastic bottle unscramblers, providing a complete single source solution for bottle unscrambling and orienting applications.


Bottles are oriented by detecting a specific feature that distinguishes its position. This feature may be an asymmetry, a handle, a ledge, an embossment, etc.

The detection unit is composed of a group of photo eyes or cameras which detect the differential feature of the bottle. After the automatic reading, the detection system sends a signal to the servomotors which activate the turning unit.