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Jit  Machinery founded in 2024 by Dr. Ali Jebreili 

Jit  Machinery Founded in 2024 by Dr. Ali Jebreili   , The founder of this company is the same founder of AMTEC  Machinery  in Iran, which focused on manufacturing food industry machines Since  2001,  JIT Machinery  was established for the well-being of  customers in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia focused on benchtop Bottle Unscramblers Bottle Orienter and Blow Molding Machines . Over the years, we expanded our offerings and operations, relocating to Oceanside, Oman , and subsequently opening a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in sultanate of Oman .


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Our mission is to deliver high-quality, user-friendly packaging equipment that supports our customers’ operational needs and facilitates the growth of their distinctive products.

At Jit Machinery , our engineers continuously strive to modernize and streamline our designs, empowering our customers with cutting-edge, efficient packaging solutions. Our equipment spans industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, dairy , oils, cosmetics, chemicals, and other specialty sectors, all constructed from premium materials and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Leveraging programmable logic controllers, VFD drives, vision electronics, and pneumatics, we achieve unparalleled speeds and precision in working .